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Alien Love Secrets -- Info

  • Track listing:
      Bad Horsie5:51
      Die To Live3:52
      The Boy From Seattle5:04
      Ya-Yo Gakk2:52
      Kill The Guy With The Ball / The God Eaters7:02
      Tender Surrender5:09

    Alien Love Secrets represents Steve Vai's return to what is most likely his true musical nature -- music that is all Vai, all the time. Steve plays almost everything himself on this album, or programs everything. The record was very well received by critics and fans, and his performace of "Tender Surrender" won him a Grammy nomination. But I guess Alanis won his award.

    One song Vai received considerable help on was "Ya-Yo Gakk", with vocal noises provided by his young son, Julian. Steve collected tape recordings of the songs his son would sing and various other baby noises over a period of a couple years. He put the vocals together into a package and then designed the rest of the song around it. The ways in which he makes the guitar to imitate Julian's babblings are fascinating. Truly an original work of art.

    Written, produced, and engineered by Steve Vai
    Recorded at The Mothership
    Mastered by Bernie Grundman
    Copyright 1995 by Relativity Records

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