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Fire Garden -- Info

  • Track listing:
      PHASE 1:
      There's A Fire In The House5:26Vai, Frazier
      The Crying Machine4:51Vai, Avila, Bissonette
      Dyin' Day4:29Vai, Castronovo, Hamm
      Whookam0:37Vai, Townsend
      Blowfish4:03Vai, Castronovo
      The Mysterious Murder of Christian Tiera's Lover1:01Vai
      Hand On Heart5:27Vai, Castronovo
      Bangkok2:47Vai, Mangini
      Fire Garden Suite: Bull Whip, Pusa Road, Angel Food, Taurus Bulba9:56Vai, Mangini
      PHASE 2:
      Little Alligator6:12Vai, Castronovo
      All About Eve4:28Vai, Castronovo, Escriba, Evans, Lewis, White
      Aching Hunger4:45Vai
      Brother5:04Vai, DiMaggio, Gossi, Riley
      Damn You4:31Vai, Castronovo
      When I Was A Little Boy1:20Vai
      Genocide4:10Vai, Altman, Escriba, Evans, Lewis, McCrite, Sombrotto
      Warm Regards4:06Vai

    "Fire Garden" originated as a double-album which Steve Vai very much wanted to make happen. It was originally going to be entitled "Fire Coma", later changed to "Ultra Zone", and was released as "Fire Garden". Due to cost concerns, he was forced to abandon the double-CD format for two "phases" on one CD. "Phase 1" contains instrumental tracks, and "Phase 2" contains mostly tracks with vocals.

    Produced, Arranged, and Engineered by Steve Vai
    Recorded at The Mothership
    Mastered by Bernie Grundman
    Copyright 1996 Sy Vy Music
    Distributed by Sony Music Entertainments

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