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Flex-Able -- Info

  • Track listing:
      Little Green Men5:39Vai, Collard, Lemcke, Hamm, Harris, Harris, Degler, CraneY
      Viv Woman3:03Vai, Hamm, Frazier, Malocco, HarrisY
      Lovers Are Crazy5:39Vai, Harris, Harris, DeglerY
      Salamanders in the Sun2:26Vai, Foster, Degler, CraneN
      The Boy/Girl Song4:00Vai, Harris, Harris, Frazier, DeglerY
      The Attitude Song3:22Vai, Hamm, FrazierN
      Call It Sleep5:09Vai, Collard, Hamm, ZeidmanN
      Junkie7:34Vai, Harris, Harris, Hamm, Crane, Collard, WackermanY
      Bill's Private Parts0:16JamesN
      Next Stop Earth0:35VaiN
      There's Something Dead In Here4:00VaiN
      So Happy2:43Vai, Vai, Fishman, Hamm, DespagniY
      Bledsoe Bluvd4:22Vai, Mars, Wackerman, Collard, CraneY
      Burnin' Down The Mountain4:22Vai, ZeldmanY
      Chronic Insomnia2:00VaiN

    "Flex-Able", Steve Vai's first independent release (i.e. not with a pre-existing band), was recorded between April and November of 1983. Vai financed the record himself, assuming that record companies wouldn't be interested in the album. The first 11 songs were the only ones on the original release in 1984, and the last 4 followed on a 10-inch EP, "Flex-Able Leftovers".

    Written, produced, engineered, and mixed by Steve Vai
    Recorded at Stucco Blue Studios
    Mastered at Hitsville by John Matousek
    Copyright 1984 and 1988 by Akashic Records

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