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Click here for a pic of me with my Jem

My name is Kyle Clark. I'm currently a senior at Trinity University. With the odd combo of Biology and Latin majors, I've got my hands full.
My main two favorite musical artists are Steve Vai and Nine Inch Nails (strange, eh?). I have all of Vai's domestic stuff, as well as a couple of import singles. My Nine Inch Nails collection includes every domestic and imported Halo, about a dozen CD bootlegs, some vinyl, and a collection of videos. If anyone wants to trade boots with me, let me know. And if anyone has live recordings of Vai, PLEASE let me know!

I'm also really into AC/DC, I like Def Leppard, Guns N' Roses, Megadeth, Ministry, Prong, Motorhead, and U2. I hate rap, or R&B, or whatever the hell they call it now, and country. I played classical music for nine years in orchestra but hate listening to it. Stange!

My favorite movie of all times has got to be Aliens. I would put up my own web page if I had the disk space. Check out some really awesome Aliens Trilogy pages: Michael Dougherty's page, Eelko de Vos' page, and a page featuring pics and sounds from Aliens. Among my other favorites are Alien, Terminator 1 and 2, Death Race 2000, Tombstone, Pulp Fiction, and the Hellraiser series.

I have a laserdisc player and have some of my favorite movies on disc. The cool thing about LDs is that releases on disc often contain extra scenes and supplementary material never available on VHS or on television, albeit for a very premium price. Picture and sound quality are beyond compare.

At home I have a dog, Muffin, and three cats, Cinnamon, Shiloh, and Rocky. I love them all very much and have no qualms about admitting I'm a softie for animals.