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Jem 777DSY



Three years ago, as a freshman in college, I decided I had to have a good guitar to replace this piece-of-crap generic one I had been using. As a huge fan of Steve Vai's music, I looked into the equipment that he used. After talking to Jem owners and reading about all the features of Vai's guitar line, I decided to save up for a Jem. I was lucky enough to find Flavius, my yellow Jem, for sale for only $650 (which is quite cheap for a used Jem). The yellow Jems are generally considered tacky and basically worthless by most Jem/Universe collectors, but I absolutely love the way it looks (I guess it helps that yellow is my favorite color). This picture doesn't do the finish justice -- the color is so damn bright you wouldn't believe!

Anyway, Flavius is a 1988 model, the oldest of my guitars. It has the original style Edge tremelo, as the Lo-Pro Edge didn't come until a few years later. I actually prefer the original Edge because it is easier for me to palm mute on, and it works just as well as the newer style. Flavius has a couple of dings, part of the reason it was so cheap I suppose, and the fretboard has some wear on the finish. But it plays like new, which is to say, absoultely fabulous!