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Jem 77GMC



Psycho, my green swirly Jem, was the second I bought. I found it for sale when I was a sophomore for only $750. This is an extremely rare guitar, only 366 were made, and I imagine the only reason why the saint of a man who sold it to me was asking such a low price was that he didn't know the collectability of his axe. If you could find one for sale now, you'd be easily paying twice or more what I did. I still can't believe my luck.

Psycho is a '92, and is in near mint condition, even though I play it on occasion. The swirl is quite striking when you see it in person. There are many little details that the photo can't bring out. The swirl process is so cool because each guitar looks different, and in my experience quite different. Each has its own personality. Compared to others I've seen, I think I got a pretty good finish. Psycho is an excellent player and a very good looker, I think. Some people think the green and black is kind of ugly though, which I don't understand. The vine inlay on the neck is beautiful and is a tribute to the craftsmanship at Ibanez Japan. When you look at a Fender with dots painted on the neck, or a Gibson with its simple block inlays, there is just no comparison.