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Jem 777SK



Note: this picture is not of my actual guitar but of one just like it.

The pink Jem is the newest addition to my lineup. Ever since I saw one being repaired at a music store in California, I really wanted to get one. Normally I hate pink, but this shade is so vivid that it almost hurts your eyes. This is one of the very early Jem models, along with the yellow one and the original green. I prefer the maple fretboard with the colorful pyramid inlays to the dark board with vines of the later models. Unfortunately, some at Ibanez quality control really screwed the pooch when they tested the paint for the Shocking Pink Jems. The pink fades to an absolutely horrid diarrhea type color if the guitar is left out in the light too long. Thus, this is my vampire guitar. The only time I play it is late at night in my room with the lights off. It really sucks because I love the way this one looks, but I'm not willing to let the finish go to hell by practicing or gigging with it.