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Universe 77MC



This guitar is the shit. Or the bomb. Or whatever you like to call it. Ever since I saw a multicolored Universe on the cover of Passion & Warfare by Steve Vai, I coveted it. Of course at that time I wasn't even playing the guitar yet and had no idea who made it or where I could buy it. By the time I bought my first Jem, the UV77MC had already been out of production for several years. Only 1083 were ever made, and because of their awesome finishes and status as Vai's main guitar during the P&W period, they became extremely collectable, outlandishly expensive, and practically impossible to find. It took me over six months of continuous searching over the internet to find one. I still can't really believe that I own one. Once again, the photo at the top of the page doesn't convey how badass looking the guitar really is. I was lucky enought to get a very good swirl, with lots of colors and good mixing. I've seen some pretty ugly 77MCs, ones which only have like three colors, or where there are large patches that are all one color. I got this guitar signed by Steve Vai at a music store here in San Antonio before a G3 show in 1997. It is signed in gold marker under the tremelo and again in black on the back of the headstock. This picture was taken before I got it signed.