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Jem 7VWH



The white Jem is my main guitar for playing and recording, as it is now for Steve Vai. He designed the 7VWH as a modernization of the Jem series, but it still shares many of the same features with the older models. Besides its stunning appearance, the white Jem has an upgraded sound. This is due to the alder body, in place of the basswood body of all other Jems and Universes, and the DiMarzio Evolution pickups, which replace the PAF Pros found in other models. The alder wood helps with sustain and the Evolutions are significantly hotter than their predecessors, so this guitar really screams. The vine inlay consists of pearlescent white elements along with mother-of-pearl pieces, which change colors with the light. The gold hardware and classy white finish make this guitar the one that my family and friends think looks the best. I personally like the wild color schemes of my other models, but the sound that this one puts out has earned it the top spot in my arsenal.