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Passion and Warfare -- Info

  • Track listing:
      Liberty2:02Vai, Frazier
      Erotic Nightmares4:13Vai, Hamm, Frazier, Rosenthal
      The Animal3:55Vai, Hamm, Frazier
      Answers2:41Vai, Hamm, Frazier,Vai
      The Riddle6:22Vai, Hamm, Frazier
      Ballerina 12/241:45Vai
      For The Love Of God6:02Vai, Hamm, Imboden
      The Audience Is Listening5:30Vai, Frazier, Fagan, Firlotte
      I Would Love To3:40Vai, Imboden, Rosenthal
      Blue Powder4:44Vai, Hamm, Frazier, Harris
      Greasy Kid's Stuff2:57Vai, Frazier
      Alien Water Kiss1:10Vai
      Sisters4:07Vai, Hamm, Frazier, Rosenthal
      Love Secrets3:35Vai

    Steve Vai's second independent album, "Passion and Warfare", was released a full six years after "Flex-Able". The masterful array of talent displayed on the album brought critical acclaim to Vai for the first time. "Passion and Warfare" is regarded in some circles as one of the best rock instrumentals of all time. And it happens to be host to what is arguably my favorite song of all time -- "Erotic Nightmares".

    Produced and Engineered by Steve Vai
    Recorded at The Mothership
    Mastered by Bernie Grundman
    Copyright 1990 by Relativity Records
    Distributed by Relativity Records

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