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Sex & Religion -- Info

  • Track listing:
      An Earth Dweller's Return1:03N
      Here & Now4:47Y
      In My Dreams With You5:00Y
      Still My Bleeding Heart6:00Y
      Sex & Religion4:24Y
      Dirty Black Hole4:27Y
      Touching Tongues4:33N
      State Of Grace1:41N
      The Road To Mt. Calvary2:35N
      Down Deep Into The Pain8:01Y
      Rescue Me Or Bury Me8:25N

    Sex & Religion, Steve Vai's first venture into the realm of "normal"hard rock/heavy metal, and, ultimately, his last, took Vai in a new direction. For the first time, there was a heavy concentration on vocals, with Vai's guitar almost taking a back seat to them at times. Powered by the teenage fury of lead singer Devin Townsend, the masterful bass of T.M. Stevens, and the superb drumming of Terry Bozzio, the band Vai stormed onto the tour scene with their new music. Unfortunately for us who live in the wrong parts of the country, they shortly stormed off the touring scene as well. By his own admission, Vai himself had been overbearing and too set in his own ideas to let the ideas of the other band members play into things.

    Though received poorly by some critics who thought Vai's new direction was absurd and that the standardized format of the album ruined his creativity and originality, the smarter of the critics, along with myself, see Sex & Religion as a great step forward. I happen to enjoy the album very much, perhaps more so on the whole than any other Vai album. Steve Vai shows an amazing talent to orchestrate what has to be least 30 or so tracks on some of the songs, and weave them together into a fabric so complex that I'm still hearing new sonic elements after hundreds of listens.

    Produced, arranged, and engineered by Steve Vai
    Additional engineering by Liz Stroka
    Technical Assistance by Stan Schiller and Mark Cimino
    Production Assistant -- Pam Vai
    Copyright 1993 by Relativity Records

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