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Miscellaneous Stuff

For most of his songs, in one way or the other, or in many ways at once, Vai uses the unparalelled abilities of the Eventide H3000 Harmonizer. In some songs, like Erotic Nightmares, or the beginning of Animal, when it sounds like two Steve Vais are playing perfectly synchronized, that's not two separate tracks laid down individually by Steve, that's one track, split into two frequencies by the Harmonizer.

FOOT PEDALS: CryBaby Wah, MXR Distortion, Boss Super Overdrive, MXR Phase 90, MXR Phase 100, MXR Flanger, Maestro Phase Shifter, Mution Bi Phase

RACK EQUIPMENT: Yamaha 1500 delay, T.C. Stereo Chorus, T.C. 2290 Signal processor, Drawmer Dual Gate, Yamaha SPX 90, Roland SDE 3000, Eventide 969 Harmonizer

OUTBOARD EQUIPMENT: Lexicon 480L, Neve Compressor-limiter, Urei Compressor-Limiter, Yamaha Rev1/Rev5/Rev7, API/Neve/Massenburg/Yamaha/Pultec Equalizers MICS: Sennheiser 421 and Shure 57 close mic'd for electric, AKG 414 for acoustic

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